Fictionground _ future architecture platform 

Authors: Conjuntos Empáticos (Sálvora Feliz Laura Dominguez Valdivieso + Marta G Soler).

Collaborators: Nicole Kowalczuk, Artur NitribittAdriana Sowa, Katarzyna Zuzanna Kraśnicka, Hannah Olmedilla and Paco Alfaro.

In order to activate this area, we sow a seed in the collective space with common elements. This is how we generate a fiction with the decontextualization of domestic objects (whisks, jingle bells or small toys) and materials (gravel, bark or rods). We create new conditions to facilitate the appropiation of abandoned areas, allowing local people to rediscover places of their daily life and enjoy new activities in these zones. 


Our performance takes place in the whole area around the Trzonolinowiec building, working with different strategies to explore sensorial experiences, and humanising oversized or non-organized collective spaces.


The project is a generator of new habits. The several strategies are unified with 3 colours as blue, pink and orange.


The strategies are:

1. Leveling the uneven and degraded floor with gravel and bark.

2. Creating an artificial steel rods forest for children.

3. An elevated topography of whisks with jingle bells inside to welcome the local people with a relaxing sound under the trees.

4. A net where plastic balls dangle with toys inside. This is a space to imagine a playhouse, an area with a transparent cover, where to live in a fairy tale.

5. Treatment of the lower wall of the building with artificial vegetation which domestifies and creates a more pleasant collective space.

6. An urban garden in the existing flower plots with tomates, beans, strawberries and flowers. In addiction, some artificial flowers decorate the flower plots.


We prefer to speak about collective space as a concept rather than public space, because we believe in collective space as a meeting area, in opposition to the concept of the property of the space. Collective space can be private or public, and urban space can be used individually or as a group. These are the differences among the use, the property and management of collective space.

Workshop developed from 22/06/2017 to 25/06/2017 in Muzeum Architektury we Wrocławiu, Wroclaw.

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